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8 Brilliant Video Marketing Secrets of Top Brands


The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing – Tom Fishburne.

“Why are you sad? You don’t even have a cough. I have lung cancer!” says Manudevi making the tearful spectators burst out into laughter.

Death – an ominous topic, a taboo to even talk about in our society. It is certainly hard to deal with.

It is when the terminally ill patients take the stage and spiritedly make …

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How One Pharmaceutical Company Changed the Marketing Rules by Using Virtual Reality

Experiencing is believing.

They say, ‘You won’t understand it unless you have actually experienced it.’ What if you can?

In 2016, Excedrin, a pharmaceutical company known for their medications for a migraine, took “seeing is believing” to a whole new level. They pitched “The Migraine Experiment” – a Virtual Reality migraine simulator, which makes the person wearing the VR headset actually …

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