Hill-Rom & Greg House MD ;) – Medical Equipment in Popular Culture

Popular culture has changed the way we look at brands. Let’s look at this popular one, its name is ‘Hill-Rom’ and is famous for making ultra-modern hospital beds and many other medical equipment. Anyway, I had never heard of this company till I saw House MD.

In almost every episode when this mad doctor would walk into his patient’s room to make a mockery (of the …

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Healthcare & The Empowered Patient

The World Health Organization (WHO) of the UN in a blog post has mentioned that the leading cause of death from diseases are cardiac based. With all the therapies, drugs and medical devices on the horizon, the threat of developing these systemic ailments are growing rapidly. We can attribute this to many reasons ranging from lack of awareness, bad habits, unbalanced lifestyles and so on, but …

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April 4th 2017 in Video Marketing by

Make Video Your Favorite Salesman

Gone are the days of people knocking on your door offering you a brief about their products. The world connects virtually now and hence to new sales men show up at your internet feed from where you explore anything and everything you want. They have been very successful in grabbing the attention. These salesmen can speak for you and help you market your products. How …

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September 24th 2016 in Video Marketing by

Being a successful salesman

I’m no sales expert in fact I’m just a novice but over the past few months I have learnt a few do’s and don’ts. Here are a few of my learnings.  Stay tuned for Part 2 of the post.

#1. Eight hours of ‘ZzzzzZzzzz’ – Sleep well to stay calm, focused and be alive

#2. Empty bowels and a satisfied tummy – Piled on poop in the body …

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