Rapidly evolving digital world is opening new avenues for businesses to inspire and engage the customers and prospects. There is an increasing overlap between the physical and digital world, as customers often traverse between them to research, buy, consume and adapt products and services. It is imperative that businesses understand the various touch-points of the physical and digital interactions throughout the customer journey, and have a strategy to deliver a seamless experience that the customers desire.

Ethosh helps you devise an actionable strategy and plan for delivering the digital experience that matters to your customers and business.

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Key questions facing the businesses are:

  1. What are the personas of the customers and how are they interacting with the brand/product/service?
  2. What are the experiences that the customers are demanding which interacting with the brand/product/service?
  3. Which innovations in digital are driving the next-generation digital customer experiences?
  4. Which digital experience initiatives will have the greater impact on the business?
  5. What is the operating model necessary to underpin the digital experience initiatives?

Ethosh helps companies answer all the above questions and define an actionable strategy and plan for delivering the digital experience that matters to your customers and business.

Our structured approach has evolved through a process of thinking, doing and learning with our customers. Using these proven methods, we will

  1. Understand your business imperatives and your market
  2. Understand your customer segments, their personas and journey maps and the experience at various digital touch-points
  3. Define the target vision for the digital customer experience that will deliver the expected outcomes
  4. Identify the key initiatives for enabling the target digital experience vision
  5. Develop a business value case (benefits and value) to justify the initiatives
  6. Prioritize the initiatives into an actionable execution roadmap

    Ethosh Designs did a fantastic job with our product launch video. Because the project was on a tight schedule, the Ethosh team needed to study the product, its benefits and applications fairly quickly. I relied on their ability to work independently and the team’s good judgement to make the appropriate changes on a daily basis to get a fast-turn around video. The project manager, script editor, visual animators, and designers were all committed to developing the outstanding work. The launch video was also produced in a language different than their language but Ethosh’s attitude of getting things done overcame the challenges of creating a video not in their native language. Product launch video link: https://youtu.be/c4SrPzfOZNE

    VP Marketing and Business Development, Biosensing Instrument

    Ethosh’s visual, digital and interactive solution has increased the effectiveness of our communication collaterals. It is also expected to bring down the high costs of printing and content updation. This innovation has been well received & appreciated by all stakeholders.

    International Marketing Communications Specialist- Forbes Marshall

    The visual & digital content developed by Ethosh for Crompton Pumps is helping us ensure consistency in communication, educate dealers about our entire product range and also enable service engineers to enhance skills.

    General Manager- Crompton Pumps

    Ethosh’s solution helped us in creating better awareness of our product as well as its visibility in the most apt manner. Ethosh's expertise & a techno-creative approach resulted in minimal hand-holding from our side which according to us is a huge value addition.

    Manager Marketing Communications - Godrej Material Handling Division

    Ethosh's learning & developing solution is helping us transform into an academy that has a scaled-up delivery platform. Ethosh's interactive, digital & visual learning support for Ador Welding Academy is helping bridge the skill gap faster & effectively.

    Chairman - Ador Welding Academy

    The visual content developed by Ethosh is enabling our customers gain a deeper insight of our entire range.From exhibitions to sales pitches, the content is being well received and appreciated by all the stakeholders of our organization.

    Director - Sparkonix

    The visual & digital manuals developed by Ethosh that give visual step by step instructions will facilitate easy, user friendly assistance to our customers spread across the world, reducing the skill gap by removing the language barrier

    AGM Marketing - Crompton Greaves, Switchgear Division

    The technical content developed by Ethosh showcased the functioning of our product (ESOM) along with its benefits & advantages. The video today is being used for presentations as well as educating the dealers while creating more awareness.

    Manager Technology - Crompton Greaves, Technology Division


  • Real video or animation? What style should I choose for my marketing video?

    Video and animation are both important vehicles of expressionism. When it comes to adding a human touch to your communication real video is the best option but speaking of technical visualization animation is the best bet as it has many advantages.

  • What is the process involved in developing communication solution for sales & marketing?

    Using a debriefing document we understand the requirement. Once we have that figured out we create detailed concept into an elaborate design. The next step involves approval of the design upon which the development phase begins that goes through a couple of review cycles. Once the solution is delivered we provide support for a period of one month.

  • How much time does my team need to devote with Ethosh?

    At Ethosh, our methodology is designed take approximately 15-20 % of the total project time for which we require a single point of contact from your side. Before the project begins we provide a client orientation session wherein clients are acquainted with the process, deadlines & review cycles thus leaving no room for ambiguity.

  • How do you maintain updates?

    After delivery, we provide support for up to 1 month followed by an optional annual maintenance contract. As a part of the contract we provide customized services that are designed for your requirements to provide you a speedy and assured delivery for necessary updates.