Popular culture has changed the way we look at brands. Let’s look at this popular one, its name is ‘Hill-Rom’ and is famous for making ultra-modern hospital beds and many other medical equipment. Anyway, I had never heard of this company till I saw House MD.

In almost every episode when this mad doctor would walk into his patient’s room to make a mockery (of the patient),certain shots would highlight this name ‘Hill-Rom’ on the panel of the bed. I still had no clue as to what is ‘Hill-Rom’ but when I took-up my job in sales that too for the medical device segment, that’s when this name came into the picture. And forget House MD., even Grey’s Anatomy has flaunted these super cool hospital beds.

Anyway, was this a planned marketing/ branding activity (the in-film types) or a coincidence? I did google this but could not find any relevant answers. The point here that I am trying to make is that if entertainment and product promotion go hand in hand and make sense, then why not go the extra mile and see where it takes you.

Now, entertainment need not always be all about the latest TV hits or the blockbuster flick, it can be something like a game, or a song or anything that will create a lasting memory, instigate fondness and leave a lasting impression.

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