Extensive experience in digital, strong leadership, focus on repeatability and reproducibility and zero tolerance on quality has allowed us to develop our Digital Experience Approach – from strategizing to delivering experiences of desired quality and high impact. We have built our approach combining Design Thinking, Agile and strong project management methodology.

  1. Experience strategy – We devise a unique customer experience strategy through a five-point formula that is proven and tested. This is a collaborative process where we and our customer engage in multiple conversations to come up with a winning strategy.
  • Know our customer – from in-depth knowledge of their business, problems faced to opportunities they want to target, we gain a complete understanding of our customer.
  • Know our customer’s customer – understanding the customer journey map to personas of target groups, their needs, and touch points, we develop deeper insights into our customer’s customer.
  • Ideation – After gaining all the insights, our creative and strategic thinkers work together with our customer as a team on developing ideas that will create the desired outcome.
  • Review to finalize – We work collaboratively with customer & stakeholders in reviewing, refining and finalizing a winning digital experience strategy.
  • Set in action – We develop a roadmap – starting with a plan to deliver on the strategy, then assemble a winning team and finally set the strategy in action.
  1. Experience design – Applying visual and interactive user experience principles, we craft experience designs that stimulate, engage and inspire customers. Every experience is designed for a specific persona by empathizing with him/her and keeping all brand guidelines in mind.

At Ethosh, we strongly believe in building visual and interactive experiences, for which we follow 3 rules for designing an experience:

  1. An experience must deliver 100% accurate information and knowledge
  2. An experience must be simple and clear from any clutter
  3. An experience must be visually appealing and stimulate human senses
  1. Development – Once a team of experts are assigned to create an experience, an agile, iterative and collaborative process is followed to ensure that outcome is delivered as per the expectations. Our solid internal quality check assurance processes ensure that each deliverable meets our high-quality standards and guiding design principles. Each experience we create, be it AV, web, mobile, VR or AR, has unique steps to follow. We have a very well documented process using Trello that allows us to deliver each milestone in time.
  1. Test and Refine – Our belief in the agile and iterative process ensures that our customers can test-run a pre-final experience on a smaller TG. This allows us to refine the experience before the final deployment.
  1. Deploy – We ensure that the final experience is successfully deployed and launched to the desired target group. We collect feedback and measure the performance of the experience on the need basis. We believe in customer success and to ensure ultimate customer satisfaction for which we keep the channels open between the customer and our team for an extended period.

Brand guideline training and compliance

Experience designing and creation is a subjective matter however, we ensure that the team working on a project is fully trained on brand guidelines and we have set processes to ensure the compliance of brand guidelines on every project.

IT Security and data management

As part of our process, we have NDAs with almost each one of our clients and we consider confidentiality and data security with utmost importance. We have implemented strong IT policies for data governance, data sharing, and data protection. We NEVER delete data for our clients unless specifically asked to do so. We keep a couple of copies of archived data and WIP data to ensure redundancy and disaster-recovery.

Talent development

Processes and approach are only effective when you have high caliber talent. We take extra efforts in building talent using continuous and micro learning method. We enroll our team into digital learning courses that improve their skills and knowledge. We also conduct small expert sessions on various skill building topics that help us improve quality and outcome. Our trainee development program is specially designed for faster and effective onboarding of inexperienced resources. Our new employee onboarding process ensures that an individual is fully on-boarded to execute on his/her responsibilities efficiently.