8 Brilliant Video Marketing Secrets of Top Brands

The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing – Tom Fishburne.

The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing – Tom Fishburne.

“Why are you sad? You don’t even have a cough. I have lung cancer!??? says Manudevi making the tearful spectators burst out into laughter.

Death – an ominous topic, a taboo to even talk about in our society. It is certainly hard to deal with.

It is when the terminally ill patients take the stage and spiritedly make fun of their own impending demise, that you know you have cracked the ice and made a lasting impact on the audience. #LaughAtDeath is an initiative by The Indian Association of Palliative Care to help the terminally ill patients confront death by sporting a positive attitude.

In a society where death is an off-limit topic, the terminally ill performed stand-up comedy for their families, friends, and doctors, and encourage us to #laughatdeath. (End of Life Care India – THE INDIAN ASSOCIATION OF PALLIATIVE CARE)

Considering the controversial nature of the topic like death, the bitter-sweet video keeps a lighter tone by using humor and yet it never loses the severity of the message – ‘death is hard to deal with and we are here to help’. It provokes empathy within the viewers. With their campaign, The Indian Association of Palliative Care set a powerful example to spread brand awareness and give a positive message. Video campaign won two silver Cannes Lion Pharma Grand Prix in 2017. They made an impression on the viewers that lasts long after you see the video ad by their unique storytelling. This is what modern video marketing is all about.

Smart Ways Brands are Marketing Products Using Videos:

People don’t want to know what your brand is selling, they want to know what’s in it for them. This new wave of thinking paves a way to human interaction between the brands and their customers. Best brand videos are the ones that incite an emotional reaction from the customers. This emotional connection can be a very powerful thing.

Here are 8 brilliant examples of the different types of engaging video content created by successful brands to inspire you:

1. Provoke empathy by humanizing your campaign and creating brand association through

content that strongly resonates with the common man. E.g. Reebok’s 25915 days which focus on mortality of life. That your days on this planet are limited and how will you make the most of the 25,915 days you’ve been given?

2. Use celebrity talent to draw attention.

But don’t forget to deliver an authentic storytelling to engage the audience. E.g. Chevrolet’s #DayItForward campaign used the leap year’s extra day to promote generosity and create the brand association.

3. Tickle the funny-bones with humor

that is relatable with people like falling off the treadmill at one point or another in our life featured in this funny Apple’s #TaylorvsTreadmill video.

4. To handle Controversial issues by telling a story for a cause

like 84 Lumber’s “The Journey??? video which shows the plight of the immigrants. But remember, while doing so brands need to be thoughtful and incredibly careful to diplomatically handle the issue.

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