Imagine you enter an empty retail store where all the products you want are available to see in the digital form, but cannot be seen without the AR glasses and the moment you put on the AR glasses, all the products will appear right in front of you. This is the magic of Augmented Reality which is now beyond gaming and entertainment.

Wanna know how it works????

Put on the glasses and you’ll be in the world of AR, now move around the store, click on your desired product, swipe your hands to view variety of products and enjoy shopping, isn’t it amazing?

Look at the brilliant initiative taken by Alibaba for its Augmented Retail store

Alibaba, an e-commerce company has launched the first ever Augmented Retail Store in China. This Store has used AR technology to change the entire face of the retail industry, we all are familiar to traditional retailing but believe me in this shopping experience will change the approach of people towards the retail market.

In this store, you just need to pull out your mobile phones and scan the entire store through the official app (using the camera) where this empty store comes alive. click and check out the video on the Augmented Retail store by Alibaba.

I just love this technology because I think AR will make my shopping much easier and full of entertainment compared to the current shopping experience where I have to carry a hell lot of bags and move around the stores. Whereas Augmented retail store gives a home delivery facility even before you reach your home. So basically I am in favor of this technology and ready to adopt it if you think the same then do visit our website  to know more about Augmented reality.

Ethosh Digital provides businesses with a customized Digital experience using VR and AR technology.

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