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Companies across sectors are constantly under pressure to introduce new products to the market and scale quickly. This often translates to a no-room-for-error environment that is to be populated with talented employees whose skills can be upgraded.

Over the last few years, with the introduction of learning technologies such as virtual reality, the efficiency of the older manuals and instructional videos has been put in question, and rightly so. Immersive technologies and training programs make older practices obsolete, ushering in a fundamentally better way to train employees and ensure the retention of information, processes and techniques.
43% of employees who do receive some form of training in their workplace admit that the training is ineffective.

For the longest time, the largest of organisations in the world have been aware that employees can’t be good at something whiteout practice. Today, they are aware that no amount of written material, lectures and exams can prepare them for their tasks in an adequate manner.

The issue is that real-time practice is often expensive (due to the errors that occur along the way) and secondly, unsafe. Immersive learning provides a new way for trainees to learn, without being exposed to risks or the wastage of resources.

According to Michael Gretczko, Principal at Deloitte Consulting LLP, learning wasn’t really focused on the skills that were needed in the moment to perform the activities that were required. The ability of VR to deliver just-in-time training at the moment of need in a way that is highly ingestible for employees is frankly a required opportunity.
Nationwide Insurance introduced immersive experience training to their employees two years ago. Their feedback is extremely positive, stating that a regular training of three hours now takes place in twenty five minutes, a reduction of 86%!

At Walmart, operational logistic team tests scores improved by 15%.
Judith McKenna, President and CEO of Walmart admits that immersive experiences has built confidence amongst her teams.

Learning by doing is more efficient than learning by reading. VR provides real world behavioural change that creates a perceptual accuracy that strengthens the brain’s connection between the training program and real world events.

It is also the safest way to immerse learners in their exact work environment, making it possible to recreate risky, expensive and at times, rare scenarios.

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