CASE STUDY: Molecular diagnostics products & solutions company

AR app to increase awareness about glaucoma​

Develop an interactive Augmented Reality (AR) app on iOS and android to create greater awareness about glaucoma, for an ophthalmology-focused pharma company. ​

Target Audience

Ophthalmologists & patients​


The pharma company was trying to expand its reach and gain the confidence of HCPs and patients in the company’s ophthalmological products. ​

Lack of awareness about glaucoma was the biggest challenge for timely diagnosis and treatment of patients. Due to their busy schedule, HCPs were not able to spare sufficient time for patient education.


After a comprehensive research of the therapeutic segment, we gained a good understanding of the personae of the HCP and the patient. 

Based on this, we developed an engaging and interactive AR-based app on iOS and android. Doctors could use this as a visual aid to make it faster and easier for them to educate patients on glaucoma. 

Ethosh’s scope of work:

  • Design Strategy​
  • Conceptualization​
  • AR based approach integrating with infographics​
  • Content creation​​
  • 3D modelling and animations​

It was a unique tool never used before in India, Ethosh team needed minimal hand holding from us as they had an in-house medical expert team​


Improved  awareness​

about glaucoma via engaging mode of education ​

Increase in early screening​

helped to improve treatment outcome and prevent damage​

Better brand      recall​

due to AR functionality​