Omni-channel Digital Sales Aid

Enhancing sales effectiveness  


Through an intuitive and interactive interface made compatible for iPad, we helped quick onboarding and enhance the effectiveness of sales executives of an automotive manufacturer.


A leading automotive manufacturer in the USA wanted to quickly empower and enable dealers to be able to sell new products. Each product range had multiple digital collaterals stored in a central location and needed to be made available for the salesperson for just-in-time learning and use during customer interactions.

Ethosh Approach

We understood dealer sales person’s journey to understand the different interaction points with the prospective customer. The solution needed portability and intuitive design and had to be available on iPad. The team designed a solution that was interactive, with an intuitive interface so that it facilitated adoption, and was effective in the sales process.

  • Domain: Automotive
  • Services: Dx Strategy & Design, Interactive
  • Persona: Brand Experiences



Interactive digital experience enabled sales person to retrieve and access information quickly

Visually engaging content accelerated learning and facilitated sales

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