Find the right colour!


Find the right colour!

While sipping a cup of tea in the balcony, my family and I were wondering what could be done to enhance the elegance of the entire home so that it gives classy vibes! That gave a thought of repainting the house and fix the structural damage caused due to rains as well.

Coming up with that thought was the easy part – difficulties started when the question of “how” popped up. With everybody having the veto power, and all of them so keen on using it ever so often, the general agreement became very difficult. With every person bringing their own ideas about what will look most stylish, there was no way this decision was going to be easy.

As it happens in many such cases, an unbiased third party usually helps to resolve such disputes. For us, that came not as a person but an online app. Color visualizer app, to be precise. Now here’s a version of what this app is for:

Color visualizer app(s), use an emerging technology called Augmented Reality (AR). For those who have not heard of this, AR superimposes a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world, thus providing a composite view. As one can imagine, the possibilities are endless. For our purpose, think of a bland, colorless wall of your home and then think of different shades, textures, wallpapers for it. How far can you go? With color visualizer app (backed by AR technology), all of this can be done using a smartphone.

Gone are the days when a customer executive of a paint company would visit your home, show brochures, would paint a line or few on the wall and will ask you to choose. Now, one can visualize a complete wall (in 3-D) with different color shades, textures, wallpapers and stencils without as much lifting a paint-brush. Needless to say, this has given a customer an immense power of choice.

As expected, this app was an instant hit (at least in my household) and saved me a plenty of hassle. We chose colors/textures of our choice, ordered everything online and it was as smooth as one could have imagined!!!

Choosing a colour for your wall has never been easier but thanks to the colour visualizer app that helps to make your house look more beautiful and give a sharp sensation of semblance on the viewer’s mind.

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