Healthcare & The Empowered Patient

WHO of the UN in a blog post has mentioned that the leading cause of death from diseases are cardiac based. 
Article by: Ashwini Hajare | On: November 7th 2017 | In: Training & Learning, Virtual Reality

Healthcare & The Empowered Patient

The World Health Organization (WHO) of the UN in a blog post has mentioned that the leading cause of death from diseases are cardiac based. With all the therapies, drugs and medical devices on the horizon, the threat of developing these systemic ailments are growing rapidly. We can attribute this to many reasons ranging from lack of awareness, bad habits, unbalanced lifestyles and so on, but that all that is on the prevention side. From a curative or a problem-solving perspective, one thing that leads to fatalities and pain is fright. Believe it or not, millions of people all over the world who are diagnosed with severe heart ailments refuse to undergo surgery only due to the fear of going under the knife.

Medical device manufacturers who design, develop and make instruments such has implantable pacemakers, deliberators, stents, valves, ablation systems etc. need to develop patient friendly content related to the surgical procedure associated with a product. This content can be in the form of a simple animated video authenticated by a registered medical practitioner.

During patient consultations doctors can show patients these videos to banish their fears and show them the bright side. Also, patients have a unique habit of googling everything and hence such videos when hosted online on video platforms and healthcare portals can give them a sense of confidence and change their perspective towards surgery.

Speaking of specialized videos, healthcare organizations should also create generic content related to wellness, DIY condition management, fitness tips, home remedies etc. Content can be anything from a simple suggestion by a popular specialist to prevention approaches and alternative medicine like yoga, meditation, mindfulness and so on.

From a commercial standpoint, the medical device manufacturer can experience a host of benefits such as more sales, improved brand impressions, gaining a credible position of that being a thought leader and so on. In fact, creating content might sound chaotic and complex but in the long run, such kind of knowledge driven and authentic content provides a lot of benefits. And if not the above, videos can be replaced with detailing and e-detailing documents to help sales personnel convert better, faster and with greater clarity.

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