Learning and Development Focus Areas for 2020


The strategic and proactive role in developmental training

Training professionals have experienced a whirlwind of changes in the professional development industry over the last few years. Training programs are more strategic than ever and employ a wide array of modern technological learning solutions to create a better user experience and provide a real-time advantage.

Technology is evolving, and business practices may change to include job profiles that may not exist today. There are a few things that don’t change, though. Problem-solving capabilities and soft skills are universal and everlasting. Research shows that gaps in soft skill corporate training exist across all roles and functions. Organisations across all sectors are adapting by providing a variety of forms of training tools.

The modern workplace has no shortage of information and data. A large number of sectors are finding it challenging to organise this data and create learning opportunities from it. Organisations that employ a development strategy show that employees are more productive and outperform employees in companies that do not invest in corporate learning platforms and employee training experiences.

In recent years, L&D Professionals recognised and appreciated the benefits of VR in the active learning of younger generations

Virtual reality gets learners closer to reality than any other training platform, with less risk and expense. It also enables to cover a wide array of learning exercises through in-depth content curation and identification of the learning trend.

Today, Only 36% of employees feel they’ve been given the knowledge they need to excel in their roles. $11 billion is squandered annually because of employee turnover across industries. Traditional training approaches need to balance scalability and effectiveness.

Printed training material scales well, but surveys show its effectiveness is limited. On-the-job training and one-on-one mentorships are more productive, but resource-intensive and often simply unscalable.

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