Gamified, Omni-channel Learning Experience

Helping speed up change management


By designing a learning experience for IT security through stimulating video tutorials and exciting games, we effectively engaged and simplified mass training of the workforce.


For a diverse and multi-national business group with more than hundred thousand employees, it was becoming difficult to train people on IT security. Also, traditional, text-based, PPT-styled was less efficient. The company needed something more exciting and engaging.

Ethosh Approach

On conducting a comprehensive study and understanding the requirements, we proposed the company to adopt game-based learning to bring excitement in training process. We designed the experience that included video tutorials and interesting games. The experience was designed for web.

  • Domain: Multinational Business – IT security
  • Services: Dx Strategy & Design, Content Production
  • Persona: Learning Experiences



IT security learning engagement improved by more than 60%

Reduced cost of classroom training

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