Video-based Learning for Assembly Staff

Accelerating knowledge & skills development


Through a detailed video learning module installed on display kiosks, we simplified complex windmill assembly process and expedited learning and skill development.


Leading windmill manufacturer had received a large order to erect more than 300 windmills across diverse locations in India and south-east Asia. The challenge was to train and develop skills of the construction workers who come from varied linguistic and literary background. Traditional training has been least effective, leading to delays and safety concerns.

Ethosh Approach

After understanding the complexities of the instructions and the background of people, we suggested a very detailed video learning module that can be installed on display kiosks at each installation sites. This can be used for aid to the trainer and as self-learning module.

  • Domain: Sustainable energy – Windmills
  • Services: Dx Strategy & Design, Content Production
  • Persona: Learning Experiences



Improved understanding of workers about right methods and techniques

Reduced accidents and mistakes, Reduced cost of training

Helped bring scale to the project execution

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