Pharmaceuticals improve HCP Engagement during COVID-19

With advancements in HCP communication, Pharma companies have become more relevant and provide more value in the patient care gap. A recent survey by Accenture that questioned over 700 medical practitioners, including oncologists, cardiologists and immunologists concluded that the efforts made in improving virtual interactions affected the overall engagement HCPs and their patients.

Pharmaceuticals are investing more efforts in educating healthcare practitioners in treating patients. In light of COVID-19, meeting patients has become more difficult. By fast-forwarding the medical sector into the digital age, Pharmaceutical companies are helping patients become a more inclusive element in their own treatment.

HCPs in the US said that information on affordability programs that pharmaceutical companies offer has been particularly helpful.

hcp engagement

Another segment that changed was the ability of pharma sales reps to engage with healthcare professionals. Before COVID-19, 64% of meetings between sales reps and medical professionals were held in person. However, during the pandemic, 65% of the meetings held were virtual! This may become a permanent solution for the pharma companies that have improved their digital capabilities.

The digital transformation in HCP communication was also able to increase interest in new treatments amongst medical professionals. Pharmaceutical reps are spending more time with doctors and the interactions are more fruitful than ever before.

Four in ten HCPs said the likelihood of starting a patient on a new treatment has increased, as they have a greater ability to monitor patient response, more access to information on new treatments and more time to learn about them.

The COVID pandemic brought with it a sea of uncertainty but a world of opportunity. With pharmaceuticals improving how they engage with HCPs, the sector may be headed in a new direction, where communication is smooth, quick and efficient. The benefits of this environment could affect patient treatments positively for the foreseeable future.

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