Prepare for the VR and AR Healthcare Revolution


The future for medical professionals is more (virtual) realistic than ever!

We often like to compare the healthcare industry to a sponge, soaking up every new technology and technique that can be used to bring advancement and higher levels efficiency to the sector. The sector includes a wide range of segments where improvements and innovation may step in, and Virtual and Augmented Realities have left a strong mark on all.

From education of medical students and doctors, to effective real-life scenario training or the real world execution of complex medical routines, the healthcare industry is changing, for the better.

New innovations such as augmented reality (AR) technologies and virtual reality (VR) technologies are transforming the lives of both healthcare professionals and patients.
In April of 2016, an operation to remove cancerous tissue from a patient’s bowel was performed for the first time using a VR camera at the Royal London hospital.  The operation was viewed through the ‘VR in OR’ app using a VR headset paired with a smartphone, or through a live feed online. 

AR provides  users an engaging method of interacting and visualising medical conditions. In a case study on the management of eye conditions, AR simulations enabled patients  and caretakers understand more about a condition like cataract and helped them improve treatment on immediate basis.

For organisations in the life sciences sectors that are still on the fence, these technologies can revolutionise employee training or even deliver a more direct and inclusive treatment to patients, and that is just for starters!
At Ethosh, we develop a wide range of immersive experience that can help you improve efficiency of operations or drive better results in your projects and will be thrilled to help you explore the possibilities!
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