Immersive Virtual Reality Experience

Inspiring medical practitioners to take action  


Through a 360 degree virtual reality simulation of the radiology lab environment, we enabled the company to engage and inspire customers and facilitate quicker decision making.


A leading medical devices company had developed a new version of their product that is used in the CT scanning process. The new product was a step change over its earlier version and the competition. The company wanted to communicate this value proposition in an engaging manner to the radiologists and radiographers.

Ethosh Approach

We understood the journey of the key stakeholders, studied the transformational values of the product and mutually decided to provide an immersive digital experience so that the customers can sense the product value rather than just seeing a product video. We developed a 360 degree virtual reality simulation of the radiology lab environment that allowed interaction with the new product thus allowing the product benefits to be experienced firsthand.

  • Domain: Medical Device
  • Services: Dx Strategy & Design, Content Production, Immersive
  • Persona: Brand Experiences



Interactive and immersive digital experience enabled an effective way of communicating the product benefits that can only be sensed by using the product

Differentiated approach of using VR, ensured a higher level of engagement with the customers

Facilitated quicker decision making as a part of the overall sales process

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