Simulated Practical Training Using VR

Helping cadets improve skills & knowledge


We developed VR-based digital learning aid to facilitate practical training in real-like situations for a naval academy and encouraged effective skills development.


A naval academy was facing a crunch in providing practical, simulated training to its technical cadets on performing maintenance tasks while on board a naval ship.

Ethosh Approach

After studying and understanding the cadets’ personas, skills, and knowledge along with considering the practical possibilities of creating a real-like environment, we proposed a VR based training module for the technical cadets. We also designed an intuitive and interactive game-like interface to ensure engagement during learning.

  • Domain: Naval & Defense
  • Services: Dx Strategy & Design, Immersive, Content Production, Interactive
  • Persona: Learning Experiences



Improved knowledge and skills of the technical cadets.

Made learning experience fun and ascertained cadet engagement in the training

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