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Virtual Events


Create the perfect virtual event with Ethosh and enjoy better engagement, more streamlined delivery and an incredible array of cost benefits.

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    Why go Virtual

    High Engagement

    Built-in gamification, networking, and meeting scheduling opportunities will encourage attendees to stick around

    Global Coverage

    While the event is still being held in-person, virtual options allow you to accommodate attendees who are unable to attend in person

    Impact Analysis

    Data gathered before, during, and after the event and can be used to qualify leads, prove event success, and improve the event further

    Lower Costs

    Going virtual can be a great way of saving money on your big, annual events.
    You no longer have to worry about the travel budget for attendees

    Where we come in


    • UX and UI Designing
    • Content planning and development
    • Prod. platform readiness
    • Promotional campaigns and mock runs
    • Internal support


    • Provisioning of the high-performance system to host the virtual event
    • Full time intra-event support
    • Helpdesk
    • Assessment and certificate provisioning


    • Participation analysis and user reports
    • Data cleansing and transfer to CRM
    • Follow-up campaigns
    • Archival for reuse

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