Virtual Reality- A Life Savior?


Virtual Reality- A Life Savior?

Yesterday I came across an article on how virtual Reality (VR) can have a behavioral impact in sensitizing young doctors on problems and issues of aging. It was a trial run on multiple young doctors through VR, where they were able to feel and understand what it is to grow old. And what does it feel like when your vision, hearing and motor skills get impaired. The motive was to make these doctor more sensitive towards their elderly patients.

It made me think about the possibilities of VR in our real-life scenarios. As simple as Disaster management training like fire, earthquakes, terror attacks etc. Current training programs are typical classroom type and very instructional in nature. The role plays, wherever done, is not even close to the actual threats that people gets exposed to, during the times of any such disasters.

It is not possible to recreate a fire or an earthquake to give a hands-on training. VR is the safest alternative training method in these scenarios. When trained through VR, the retention would be at least 70 to 80% more than conventional training, also, they can be retrained on a regular interval. Imagine the use of this in cases like fire in a hospital or any incidence where one needs to know and follow an escape route. Needless to say, the outcome would be so much better than it is now.

To conclude, I would like to say that VR has endless possibilities and it has many lifesaving potentials in health, education and safety. Aimed at using VR for its full potential, Ethosh Digital is working on behavioral changes (through VR training) in following hand-hygiene practices by healthcare providers. It is amazing to see the impact this simple intervention is showing .

Since hand-hygiene is considered the most effective preventive measure to avoid and control cross-infections, we at Ethosh are aimed at saving lives, using VR as a weapon.

Looking forward for more VR magic.

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