VR Backpack the most powerful VR technology is now grabbing the attention all over the world. To explore this technology in detail, let’s go back in history and take a look at the journey of Virtual Reality technology and how innovation took place gradually.

You guys might be familiar with the VR headsets, but back in 1950’s there was huge human-sized box structured machines where it started and the birth of VR took place. Later in 1970’s Virtual Reality was majorly used in flight simulation, NASA projects, Automobile industry etc. Year on year these huge machines became smaller in size and much more advanced. The VR technology never stoppeVR technologyd innovating, even today you might come across a totally unbelievable virtual reality experience. Here’s VR Backpack for you.

VR Backpack is a portable machine which can be carried just like a laptop bag. The ultimate benefit of this VR Backpack is that you are not anchored to any other machine and free to move around in the virtual world where you can do anything and everything you want. It’s just you have to wear the backpack and put on the VR gear, that’s it. But careful guys, don’t forget that you are in the virtual world and not in the real world, because this device won’t stop you from doing anything so you need to use it on a big platform where there won’t be any obstacles.

HP, Zotac and few more companies have come up with this awesome VR Backpack. Refer the link to watch the video on HP Z VR Backpack https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UfPTqPrz20k/ . Its great and one should try at least once in his life.

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