Today the technology is so humanized that it has made the recruitment process a lot easier and interesting through virtual reality. The VR technology is used by HR to simulate actual scenarios for employees and prepare them for real-world situations. VR technology can improve the onboarding experience for new employees remarkably. Especially in an environment where employees are dispersed over many locations and countries. VR technology will be a powerful and cost-effective tool that will positively help HR function to increase employee retention and productivity.

How great will it be to already know the work environment of the company before joining?
Imagine a virtual tour around the company in multiple locations, across the world which gives you a complete experience of work environment before joining the company or imagines a holistic view for the new recruits to make them familiar with the products and services a business has to offer. an e-commerce company has created its own virtual world for the newly recruited employees where they can experience the office culture and work environment from any place.

Recruiting Games

Gamification can convert the boring task of recruiting into a fun element. Think of candidates reacting to actual situations through VR games which give a win to your employer brand and recruit potential/talented employees. This will be the future of recruitment where there will be no biased decision, easy candidate filtration and focus on skills rather than marks. The candidates need to earn their jobs based on their capabilities.

A successful game based on recruitment is MY MARRIOT HOTEL by J.W. MARRIOT to check the skills of candidates like time management, decision making, creative and innovative thinking etc.
Similarly, JAGUAR has also designed fun, skill-based recruiting game.

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